Stratford, CT Public Library

It is our privilege to have been selected to design the new logo for the Stratford Public Library in Connecticut. The library was in the midst of a rebrand strategy and our agency's logo design submission was selected as the official logo. This project hits close to home because Stratford, CT is the operating hometown of ME-Creative Agency, LLC.

Our approach to the design of the logo was to avoid the cliche images, such as, books, bookcases which are expected of a logo for a library logo. Technological advances have expanded the concept of a library beyond books. The design is a balance use of negative space and lines of various thicknesses to give it a modern and sleek look. The "S" and the "L" abbreivation for "Stratford Library" are the dominant features of the logo to serve as a quick recognizable icon around the community. The colors of the logo ties-in with the official town colors of Stratford, CT in order to integrate the logo with the town's branding guidelines.