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"If it's about your business than it's about 'ME'"
26 Jan

How can I begin but to proclaim in the vernacular "It ain't easy." I will also begin by reflecting on one of my favorite quotes that I have recently been drawn to which reads...

I began my entrepreneur journey perhaps in the 6th grade in grammar school. I remember decorating my desk as if it were an office desk. It wasn't too fun for my classmates that shared my desk, but for me it was liberating.

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23 Feb

I was debating for several weeks whether or not I should share this thought that has been racing through my head. It is Black History month and you're probably already tired of reading about the racial question and how it shapes business, and business strategy. I promise, at least I hope, that this post will help us look at this issue from a unique perspective. Okay, let's begin.

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04 Feb
Lesson learnedĀ from this year'sĀ Super Bowl 2015

I expected coach Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks to take full responsibility for the team's lost, as he should and did, to end the 2015 Super Bowl. I believe that he made a wise RISKY decision at the end of the first half which I agreed with, although everyone around me was yelling at the TV, "he shouldn't pass the ball". It worked with that first decision just before halftime. It worked because the first half decision boosted the moral of the team who was struggling to find their usual identity and swagger. That play call for a pass instead of kicking the field goal would have been a good risk to build team confidence whether or not it proved successful.

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